Marcus Johnson at TEDxNYU

Speaking Engagements

Marcus Johnson has had the opportunity to speak on many different topics in his extensive career as an entrepreneur and musician. In recent years he has touched on topics such as business, music, spirituality, and community. 


Marcus has influenced the lives of many people as: a former faculty member of Georgetown University's Center for Professional Development; adjunct professor at Bowie State; speaker at Harvard Law School; Georgetown Law Center; Le Moyne College; and Elmira College; an associate member of AARP; Microsoft small business partner; Greater Washington Urban League's Entrepreneur-in Residence; TEDxNYU speaker; and speaker at many Sunday sermons!

Finding and living your Passion
  • Humanity is at a point where we are all trying to find our purpose.  Careers in firms that last decades and end with a pension are almost non-existent. Students are going to school and graduating laden with student loan debt. What's the answer? Find YOUR PASSION and do it! Marcus walks you through his 5 step, Dream, Plan, Execute, Listen, and Learn (DPELL) construct which allows focused goal setting, limitless thinking, and "Blue Ocean" based strategies. Once done, the group has it's collective license and a plan to follow their passion, successfully and better yet, happily! 


Economic Empowerment

  • As a law student at Georgetown University Law Center, Marcus was intrigued by the preamble of the United State Constitution. However, there seems to be a present disconnect between society and the understanding that "We the People of the United States in order to create a more perfect union," requires collaboration, faith, patience, compassion, and "WE."  Entrepreneurship and a community's commitment to it is directly related to how economically empowered it will be.  This applies to all thinking: from the entrepreneurial venture to the church organization, to the local HOA. Long term planning with short-term focus, goals, and evaluation end with an economically empowered community. 


How to Have a Successful Career in the Arts

("So you have a REAL Job")

  • The most offensive thing you can ask a musician, artist, dancer, or entrepreneur is, "When are you going to get a REAL job?" The truth of the matter is most musicians and artists have REAL jobs while others are plagued by the current economic ecosystem and job landscape around the world. The issue is that most artists or what we'll call the "Passionate One's" are so driven by their love for what they do, they forget to pay attention to some core business principles. When they take the time to count, they find out that a $750/wk agency gig equates to $40K/year job. That is respectable when compared to most standards.  Marcus presents the concept that it only takes simple 'addition and subtraction' to dispel the myths of "The Passionate One's" NOT having jobs. Add to that, the quality of life quotient and the case is made to have faith and follow your passion into the arts and beyond! 

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Seminar Topics



(small groups/large groups)

  • Entrepreneurship isn't what it used to be.  One can use new business concepts from Crowdfunding to crowd-sourcing in order to fund our ventures. Traditional promotional campaigns supplemented by social media tools, gives the small business owner a reach that it never had before. Marcus speaks on issues surrounding the ideation, formation, funding, strategy development, execution, and management of entrepreneurial endeavors.


Diversity in Colleges and Universities

How Small Business can Succeed with Technology

"Living Your Dream"

With the Boys & Girls Club

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