What are YOU going to do?

It's Monday! The one thing that I want to challenge each of you to do is NOT leave your passion and purpose under the bed! Because "Someday = Never!"

Even if it's only for today - Pick/choose/accept your purpose. Hint, its that thing that you would do, "But for!" You know, the things you like to do. And honestly, contrary to our great societal code, It won't just fall out of the sky! It will not "Just Happen!" You have to make the choice to follow your purpose. Sometimes it's as easy as deciding that something is your purpose and then trying it. Make sure that you write it down. Until it's written, it's still a dream!

One thing is true, without your purpose, you will drift through this life. And drifting leads to unfulfilled potential! That's tragic and not what you are meant for! You were put here for a reason. Create it, commit to it, and continue to refine it! It's time for all of us to enjoy the feeling of what it means to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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Peace and Love MJ

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