How about some REAL New Year Resolutions?!

I was having a conversation concerning the state of my community. We discussed the statistics concerning Black men in Jail, drugs, the breakdown in the family, and politics. You know, those things you shouldn't discuss over the holidays. The person that I was speaking with kept saying that our generation doesn't have the leadership that existed in the past. For a second, I was with her, but then recognized that this is only an effect of the problem. Not a cause!

With google, youtube, cyber cafe's, public computers in the libraries, etc, there are ample ways to find guidance and wisdom. Autobiographies are my favorite. I love them because the authors are usually at a point in life where they can tell you of their failures as well as their successes. Because they are protected by the veil of paper and the medium of the book, they are allowed the transparency that gives the rest of us the insight needed to evaluate their actions and create our own plan of action when confronted with similar events. But......You actually have to take the time to read, or listen to the words of wisdom.

To me, the "leadership vacuum" argument is a cop-out that allows us to avoid placing any perceived blame where it the mirror! We are so busy looking for things outside of our souls and selves that we do not take the time to recognize that all of the solutions are staring us in the face each morning. We spend time on match, tinder, facebook, youtube, what'sapp, church, etc. But we don't spend time alone! We don't spend the time necessary to ask ourselves the questions as to where we are, who we are, and where we are going, and why we should be thankful. Can you imagine what would happen if for every minute you spent on Facebook, you spent the same amount of time on, and with, yourself? Think about it and maybe even try it.

As we get ready to enter the artificial temporal point known as the New Year and contemplate our goals and resolutions, try these or similar ones you can create: This year I resolve to: Spend time alone Actively deal with my issues Not blame others for my condition in life Not be an innocent bystander in my life Create my new story - a big beautiful story of ME Execute the plan of my new story of the Big Beautiful ME Follow the passion I have hidden for years because I was told it was unrealistic Smile at myself each day Wink at myself every morning. Live a positive life based on my purpose and not try to avoid negatives. For if I focus on avoiding negatives, they will certainly be attracted to my life. Love myself Give as much as I can Deliberately include people in my life who are worthy of my love Deliberately preclude people from my life who are not! Be thankful for whatever I have, yet not be complacent Cry when I need to Be there for those I love to cry on when they need me. Love Passionately Live purposefully Be guided by the truth and not by beliefs(i.e. bullshit)! .....Any others you can create that are personal to YOU!

In essence I wish this to be the first year of your life in which you make a commitment to yourself! If we each can do that, we all be better for it! Commit to and have an amazing 2016!

‪#‎FLOYOU‬ For the love of you!

Peace and love,


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