With faith, planning, execution, and reflection… all is possible

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I heard that thousands lined up for free Marijuana seeds in DC a few weeks ago. Gotta Love it! But I will get back to that later. If you follow me on Social Media you know that we post a Quote of the Day on the @marcusjohnson3k Facebook page. Have you ever asked the questions why? I know that some of you would say, “That’s just Marcus!” and you would be correct. But I thought I could take a second to explain myself a little.

Although, I love my music, I think that the Quote of the Day is one of the most important pieces of content and wisdom that I share. I started this while I was on air as the Morning Show host for Smooth Jazz 105.9 WJZW in Washington DC. I was out in the public more than ever and noticed that something was happening in society. People were starting to try to figure out their purpose! A novel concept I know but the funniest thing is that they were doing so on accident. Some were withdrawing at work, some were asking how I was able to follow my passion. Others would call into the station at 5am and just thank me for the music that Jacci Allen and I were playing and enjoyed the fact that we were comforting souls during the morning drive. I heard and saw a cry for comfort and companionship.

I always challenge people around me to focus on the real message that people are trying to convey. I think that we are bombarded so much by multiple split second requirements for our attention that we are living or rather existing in a cursory/facade-focused, superficial manner (lotta words but true none the same). When was the last time you had a real conversation of how things can be? Not a meaningful conversation of the past, or even the present. I’m talking about a full on passionate and meaningful conversation of how things can and will be. To me, “Can” denotes that you have faith that tomorrow is coming (with or without you). “Will” means that you are doing your part to make sure that you are a part of what is coming and that it will be as positive as your input will allow it to be. Have you had many of those lately?

If you look at social media as much as I try not to, all you see is here-ism, exist-ism, etc. "How am I going to make it through this crap?” "My relationship sucks.” “My Job Sucks!” “My life sucks!" "I don’t have enough within myself, so I need to go buy this?" "I’m not fulfilled within and so I’m going to go out and sell/donate myself to someone 'who will complete me and make me happy.’" Really, that’s most of what I see. But I guess the other question is… ”Really!?” Another interesting phenomenon is that when I post something that is positive it receives exponentially less engagement than those that are controversial. For that matter how many engagingly positive posts are there out there? That would be an interesting Facebook analytic.

The main point here is that we don’t have to lose our humanity to technology or a societal-habit of clinging to the negative. We must stay contemplative and be mindful that the rule of impermanence pertains to us all. No matter how good or bad it is, the storm clouds will pass, and it will change. My goal is to get my fans, friends, and supporters… even my haters, to recognize positive manifest destiny. I want all to understand that people have been here and in circumstances similar to ours and have made it through. I want all to know that with faith, planning, execution, and reflection, all is possible. And I want all to know that being aligned with the higher power that awakened you this morning is key to it all - including the fact that we are all connected to that power.

So as farmers do, I plant seeds. Seeds of positivity, self-love, perseverance, faith, confidence, connectedness, forgiveness (big one!), compassion, understanding, love, strategy, parenthood, community, society, love of the arts, humanity, spirituality, mindfulness, and the like. Those are the quotes of the day. This is why the quotes of the day are so important. Use them. I have found the following to be helpful in my use of great quotes:

1. Write them out on a post-it and stick them by your bathroom window, car dashboard etc.

2. Keep a journal, notebook, or store them by identifiable segments (e.g. motivational, self-promotion)

3. Take one quote and apply it for a day or week. Only then is it really incorporated in to your lifestyle habit. (It is said that you must do something 25 days for it to become a habit!)

4. Take a quote and make it the topic of discussion with your family, lover, friends, mastermind group, etc.

5. Take a quote and write your own narrative of how it pertains to your life. Explain how you can use it improve or refine your life. And that means more than just the simple “AMEN!” acknowledgement.

Life is hard work. I heard that thousands lined up for free Marijuana seeds in DC a few weeks ago. Gotta Love it. I wonder what would happen if people understood that the real seeds that they need are always free and ever-present around them. They are yours! Just take them!

Go Farm and cultivate your life my friends.

Peace and Love

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