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Well, I was just speaking with some of my team members and was reminded that March has been a month of renewal for FLO Wine and FLO Brands. So why shouldn't we continue the trend for April 2015? Ahhh..we have!

Some may be aware of the new, but we are continuing to add in new features all the time. This blog post is the first in a series that will be posted bi-monthly and is the newest addition to FLO Social. is the new home for all things Flo Brands, Flo Wine, and Brand Marcus Johnson! We felt it time to continue the refinement of our look and feel. This is the brainchild of Brandon Saylor who handles our Social media and online assets so well. Brandon is a former student at Elmira College who was the CEO of the consulting group practicum that I worked with in 2012. We have had some great ideas and lets just say that they continue to FLO from my Brother!

I hope that you will see the ease of working with our new calendar and integrated social media as it all is aimed at creating a better overall user experience (yeah you know I want to say overall flo...). One component that I'm committed to is the continuation and expansion of my blogging on topics that have meaning to our Floyalist. Specifically, as of late, I'm noticing a general desire to further understand the meaning of life, how to succeed in it and our endeavors, and what in the world we can do to maximize the experiences with our Higher Power (God to me), Family, Friends, loved ones, and community. I think that we are all figuring out that our goal is not to work to live, but to like and love to live. Therefore, I will throw out some real-life scenarios, great quotes, interesting articles, and of course books on MJ's Reading list (currently Linda Rottenberg's Crazy is a Compliment: the power of zigging when everyone else Zags- get it!!!).

The goal here is to keep you FLO’n in thought and in spirit. I want you to use my success and experiences to test what you have been taught to think! I want you to think the highest dreams of yourself and those around you and accept nothing less than excellence! These experiences or posts are not meant to be an authority on a matter, but rather a prescription of "isn't it great to know you aren't out here alone!" or "You weren't the only one to screw that up!" And....., if I have to be the one to fall on the sword to let you know you aren't alone and loved regardless of the obstacles life has thrown, who better? Cause I gots plenty of healed wounds! Some....not so much...! But I still march on and so must we all!

Note, while owning the whoppings life has put on me, most by my own hands, I'm learning to like and love my life. I'm not perfect, not event, close, and the love of life is founded in realizing how perfect that is.

So, enjoy the new site, take time to introduce yourself through our social media, spread the word about performances and new music, and just get ready for the next level of our FLO.....

As always, thank you for FLO’n with us!

Peace and Love


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