Marcus Johnson Live & Direct

Featuring The Urban Jam Band

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Celebrating 20 years since his first CD release, International Jazz Pianist, Marcus Johnson, has returned to the music scene with one of his most creative and electrifying music recordings to date. “This project represents one of the most difficult, yet gratifying journeys in my career… based in the idea that music can be created at both the live and studio level…rarely are they put together, but when they are, a unique music experience is created. 


It’s just how we Flo!” 

Live and Direct featuring The Urban Jam Band showcases the new hit single “Summertime Flo”, featuring bassist Antoin “Chooky” Caldwell,  and drives home the urban groove that is signature to Marcus Johnson. Leading the studio recording is the urban jam, “Right Now”, showcasing strong horn lines and explosive piano solos.  Another studio recording is the pure urban groove titled “My Way”, brass again pushing the melody and layered with Marcus on Rhodes and Piano in sync with the horns and drums locking the groove. Listeners will also appreciate the dynamics of the remaining four other live recordings—“Oui Merci” with its latin urban groove, “The Rush”, uptempo, fast paced jammin’ delivery with each musician performing at the highest level of daring interpretation and complemented by the exhilarating solo by Marcus on piano.  Rounding out the live sessions are ‘My Caddy” and “You and I”.  The studio recorded “Let It Flo” closes out this exceptionally innovative CD with vocalist Precious Joubert floating over the tracks.